Angry fans question Star Awards shortlist: 987FM DJ Justin Ang is in, but Ann Kok and Terence Cao are out

22 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Angry TV fans are questioning some of the names on the nominee shortlist for the Star Awards' Top 10 Most Popular Artistes award category.

The shortlist of 40 names - 20 male and 20 female - is open for public voting online and via telephone, where fans can vote for the star whom they believe deserves to be among Channel 8 and Channel U's Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes or Female Artistes.

According to an article in The Straits Times, the most surprising name on the list is arguably Justin Ang, a radio DJ with English-language station 987FM. He is one half of the radio DJ duo known as The Muttons, which also includes Vernon A.

All over Channel 8's official Facebook page, viewers have left comments with the question: "Who is Justin Ang?"

University student and TV fan Julian Low, 24, wonders: "How can Justin Ang possibly be one of the most popular artistes? He is not exactly a well-known name, at least not with Channel 8 audiences."

Ask Ang about it and the 32-year-old says that he is "just as surprised as anyone".

"The fans' reaction is my reaction. When I first heard that I got on the list, I was shocked. To just say that I am surprised would be an understatement."

In fact, when his manager first called to inform him about his nomination, he thought it was a joke. "I thought it was a prank call from the other radio DJs or something," he says with a chuckle.

Even though Ang is a radio DJ, he is eligible for the shortlist as he appeared on Channel 8 when he hosted the red carpet segment of the Celebrate TV50 countdown show last New Year's Eve. Fellow host Gurmit Singh also made the shortlist for hosting the same show.

Ang says he is not perturbed by the public backlash.

"I totally understand where they're coming from. I've said only a few lines on Channel 8, so for them not to know who I am, I'm fine with that. But now that I'm on this list, I'll just enjoy the journey and go with it, no matter what happens."

According to a statement from MediaCorp, the criterion for artistes making the list is if they have appeared in any of the following programmes: "All local dramas, sitcoms and news & current affairs programs commissioned by Channel 8 and Channel U (excluding children's programmes)."

The artistes for this year's list must also have a valid contract with MediaCorp for the period between Jan 1, 2013, and April 27, 2014, which is the day of the Star Awards ceremony.

The shortlist is derived from a list of more than 80 artiste names, which is mailed to 1,000 members of the public who are "representative of the Singaporean population", and who are "randomly selected by a market research company".

These 1,000 people are asked to vote for the artistes on the list, and their choices are collated by the market research company. The results from this sample size are then put together to form the shortlist of the Top 40 names.


Chen Shucheng, Dai Xiangyu, Dennis Chew, Desmond Tan, Edwin Goh, Elvin Ng, Guo Liang, Gurmit Singh, Ian Fang, Justin Ang, Lee Teng, Richard Low, Romeo Tan, Pierre Png, Pornsak, Qi Yuwu, Xu Bin, Zhu Houren, Zhang Zhenhuan, Zheng Geping


Belinda Lee, Chris Tong, Hong Huifang, Jeanette Aw, Jin Yin Ji, Joanne Peh, Julie Tan, Kate Pang, Kym Ng, Lin Peifen, Paige Chua, Pan Lingling, Quan Yifeng, Rebecca Lim, Rui En, Tracy Lee, Vivian Lai, Ya Hui, Yvonne Lim, Zhou Ying

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