Angelababy injured after firing a gun for the first time

27 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Playing a cop in her latest movie, A Sentimental Story, meant that Angelababy had to fire a gun for the first time in her life but neither she nor anyone else would have expected her to be hurt in the process.

Speaking at the press conference promoting the movie, Angelababy revealed that like herself, the character she plays in the film had to fire the weapon for the first time in her life, reported Oriental Daily.

"For the character, it was also the first time she fired a gun, which ended up in her accidentally injuring someone.

"That was truly my first time firing a gun so that feeling was especially terrifying. In addition, that gun kicked back and scratched my hand."

That aside, she enjoyed portraying the character as it offered her a fresh challenge.

"When I saw this character, I liked it very, very much. It told a very sentimental story about a woman, so I wanted to challenge myself."

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