Angelababy flaunts her sizzling hot body in latest photoshoot

9 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: JayneStars

In recent years, Angelababy has shown less of her sexy side after her film career took off. But the 26-year-old returned to her roots for the latest issue of GQ China magazine. Showing off her busty figure and long legs, Angelababy exuded confidence in the classy and tasteful photo shoot.

Known for her angelic looks, elegant image, and voluptuous figure, Angelababy is regarded as a goddess in the entertainment industry. Her latest appearance in the Chinese variety show Running Man shed a light on Angelababy’s true personality — playful and aggressive.

In an interview for GQ, Angelababy admitted that unlike her onscreen persona, she is actually quite a tomboy in real life. She had short hair when she was a child and was often mistaken as a boy. “I was physical with my brothers and fought a lot with the boys at school. When I went out with my mom, someone told her, ‘Your son is really handsome!’”

Angelababy was very active when she was younger, and shared that she used to admire large biceps and wished that she had more muscles. “Whenever we went to buy watermelon, I would always volunteer to carry them home so I can train my own biceps.”

Currently dating Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy revealed that her boyfriend is actually a very good cook, “He’s really good. He has his own home recipe for zhajiangmian.”

See the images of her sexy photoshoot in the gallery below. 

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