Angel Chiang and Edward Ma were each other's 'first time'

21 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

TVB starlet Angel Chiang Ka Man and former male model Edward Ma Chi Wai starred in romance film A SECRET BETWEEN US (DAI YUT CHI BUT SI NEI), which made made nearly HK$ 2 million at the box office at one week of release.  Drerctor Yip Lim Sum said that the box office was considered decent.

Because of the Mid Autumn slot, new films were numerous and cinemas divided up the number of shows. For word of mouth, he and the actors went to cinemas all over and attended over 30 shows of the film. When they faced viewers, they were the happiest to hear someone yell "The movie is great!"

Chiang Ka Man and Ma Chi Wai were rumored to be dating. When asked if this was so, they took a look at each other and said"no" together (Do you have any chance to develop?). Ma Chi Wai said, "We didn't know each other until the production. Now we are good friends. I treat her like a brother. Her personality is very different from her looks, she is like a guy."

According to a report on Tvbnewsworld, Chiang Ka Man said, "The two of us should say to the other, the first time was you. We performed on the big screen for the first time, had hot kisses, forced kisses, passionate kisses, and even the first bed scene."

This film was made before Chiang Ka Man signed with TVB, thus she was able to make bed scenes without restrictions. After the movies, they signed autographs for viewers who lined up for photos. Ma Chi Wai said, "Last time a 15 year old girl were in tears when she shook our hands and asked why we couldn't be together."

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