Andy Lau fulfills his promise -- and introduces 3-year-old daughter to fans for the first time

12 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Known for his intense privacy, Andy Lau (劉德華) has taken extreme measures to protect his family from the paparazzi. When his daughter Hanna (劉向蕙) was born, he only distributed a photo of her hand to the public. Hiring bodyguards and employing advanced security systems at home, Andy shielded Hanna from the public eye for three years.

Since Hanna’s birth in May 2012, Andy has decreased his work load to spend more time with family. He is a proud father and often speaks of Hanna in social conversations. At a private barbecue event last year, he even shared a photo of his daughter with a fan for three seconds.

In April, Andy’s wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩) and Hanna visited Andy in Beijing. The press finally snapped photos of Hanna, a pretty toddler with large eyes and creamy skin.

Regarding his fans as family members, Andy promised that he will introduce Hanna to them when she turned three years old. Fulfilling his promise, Andy brought Carol and Hanna to a party celebrating the 27th year establishment of his fan club on June 6, reports Jayne Stars.

When Carol and Hanna joined Andy on the stage, Hanna appeared timid and not used to the large crowd. She clasped tightly onto Andy tightly the entire time. While Andy sang “My Darling” <心肝寶貝>, a slideshow of the family as well as Hanna’s infant photos flashed across the screen.

With over 1000 fans in attendance at the gathering, maximum security was employed. Only fans with valid member ID cards were allowed into the venue. Their bags were searched; cameras and recording devices were banned. Fans were not allowed to use their cell phones at the event.

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