Alex To and his wife give shoes to each other -- in spite of superstitution

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Alex To may have been married to his wife, Ice Lee, for slightly over a year but they still come across as if they just met each other the day before.

According to a My Paper report, the 51-year-old singer took his 24-year-old wife on a trip to Taiwan to celebrate their 1st anniversary together as a couple.

When faced with reporters at a hotel in Taipei, To said: "We are still in a world of our own. It feels as if we just got married yesterday."

The couple also became a talking point when they gave each other a pair of shoes as a gift, for it is a Taiwanese superstition that a gift of footwear between a couple will lead to the receiving party walking away from the relationship.

However, To was unfazed by this, calmly saying that both of them are Hong Kongers, and that the fact that both of them gave each other a shoe should nullify the superstition from coming true.

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