Aimee Chan wants to be with Moses Chan in her next life.. even if she becomes a man

26 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

When speaking of her husband, Aimee firmly said, "He's wonderful! How can I describe him? I know, he is my rock!

"He gives me a sense of security. We make decisions together, we trust each other and love one another. We communicate and respect each other... these are all the cornerstone of a relationship."

Moses went throughmany  twists and turns before meeting Aimee, reports via TVB Newsworld

Actually, Aimee had many guys to choose from, so why did she choose Moses?

She explained, "When you meet the right person, you will have this feeling. You just know it. Its really hard to list the reasons why, I just like him. He is just right for me. I just feel it!"

She added, "I had this feeling from the beginning. I'm not a person that plays around; I'm not someone who goes from one boyfriend to the next. I'm a very serious person. I've felt Ah Mo was the right person from the start. I don't get into relationships just for fun, I really hope to find someone who can be with me for the rest of my life until the end!"

If they are really reincarnated, Aimee wants to be with Moses, even if she becomes a man and he turns into a woman.

Aimee said, "Of course! Haha! I believe its our destiny! Its fascinating, when the right time and place comes, you will meet the right person. The most important is two people have those feelings at the same time. You cannot say you don't believe it, its all destined!" 

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