Is Aimee Chan hiding a baby bump?

21 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan got married in Paris last week and many gave their blessings to the new couple. However, it looks like the duo will have another event to celebrate in the future as photographs of Aimee’s three-month baby bump were revealed recently.After the wedding, Moses flew back to Hong Kong for work while Aimee stayed in Toronto with her parents to rest in preparation for her baby. To avoid the paparazzi, Aimee first flew from Paris to London before making her final stop to Toronto, report Oriental Daily and ihktv.However, she still could not escape the chase of reporters and was photographed at the London airport with a visible baby bump under her sweater. Even though she was stopped by the paparazzi, she sported a smile and accepted a brief interview while kindly requested they stop taking photos due to lack of makeup.Aimee expressed her gratitude for the blessings she received from both the reporters and fans and denied that her wedding in Paris cost $3 million HKD. In response to the pregnancy rumours, Aimee only laughed and did not directly deny the speculations while only stating that she would share the good news with everyone when the time comes. Despite not revealing where she would give birth, it was rumoured that she already chose a private suite in, North York General Hospital, the same place where Isabella Leong resided when she gave birth.Though it was rumoured that the pair is slowly paving their way out of the entertainment industry, Moses currently still has to work in order to earn milk money. While Aimee did say she wants to continue acting, she has previously mentioned to Moses about the insecurities of the entertainment industry. With Moses putting more time into his new coffee shop new year and Aimee soon to become a mother, it is inevitable that their presence in the industry will diminish over time in order to start the new chapter in their lives.

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