Aimee Chan allegedly molested by extras while filming in Malaysia

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Aimee Chan allegedly was molested by extras while filming for Outbound Love  in Malaysia.Tabloids reported that while filming a sexual harassment scene, some extras deliberately took advantage of Aimee and stroked her back, hugged her and even touched her breasts. Although the TVB actress was extremely terrified, none of the cast and working crew stepped in to help her, reports ihktv.Aimee reportedly was very traumatised by the incident and has related the incident to her boyfriend, Moses Chan in tears. Moses reportedly was very furious over the matter and has complained about the incident to TVB Executive, Ms Virginia.While attending an event, Niki Chow was asked about the incident. Appearing to be shocked over the news, Niki said, “Is it true? Did Aimee clarify? Perhaps this is just the plot! There are many extras and professional actors during the filming and we can’t decide who to work with.‘Niki said that she would report the matter to the director if she were to encounter such unpleasant incident.

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