Ah Boys actor Tosh Zhang has his first on-screen kiss in new Jack Neo movie

29 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Photos: mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, J Team Productions Pte Ltd, SHAW ORGANISATION, SPH

Ah Boys To Men star Tosh Zhang has his first on-screen kiss in his new movie, The Lion Men, much to the envy of his co-star Wang Weiliang.

Ever the jokester, Wang, 26, says he wants a kiss scene too, and makes sure Lion Men director Jack Neo hears his request.

"Boss, did you hear that?" he says to Neo at a press conference on Tuesday for the new movie.

He and Zhang, 24, take the lead roles in Lion Men, where they play lion dance troupe buddies, who subsequently become rivals.

According to a report in The Straits Times, the movie also stars their Ah Boys cast members such as Noah Yap, 21, Maxi Lim and Charlie Goh, both 26.

The action-comedy which revolves around competing lion dance troupes required the Ah Boys to do their own stunts.

While in the movie Zhang plays the fearless lion dance champion nicknamed Supreme, Neo reveals that the actor was actually scared witless when he was first suspended three feet above the ground during the filming of high piles scenes.

Zhang does not deny this. He says: "I have a fear of heights. I was screaming my head off."

The Lion Men is a two-part film which cost $4 million to make. The first part opens in cinemas on Thursday.

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