Aged actor Lam Ka Sing gets up from wheelchair at event

26 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Famous Cantonese Opera actor Lam Ka Sing yesterday was invited to attend a Chinese Opera event at the Academy of Performing Arts.

At age 80 with Parkinson's disease, he looked spirited yesterday and once even gave up his wheelchair as the host helped him walk out to the stage, reported HKTopTen.

He received applause and waved to everyone. He represented the "Lam Ka Sing charity fund" and donated HK$250,000 to the Academy of Performing Arts to promote Cantonese Opera development.

He also presented his performance specials to the academy representative for educational purposes.

At the forum, Lam Ka Sing mentioned his film industry achievements. He said that he has made over 300 films, with wuxia films and romance among them.

However he regretted that he never played a villain. He said, "I really wanted to play a villain, but no one asked me!"

He said that at the time he still liked Cantonese Opera very much, thus he decided to leave film to concentrate on Opera development.

"It was fine when I wasn't famous, after I was I didn't even have time to sleep. On the other hand the stage had no restriction, as soon as I stepped out of the stage door I was able to put my hobby on display."

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