Aerosmith concertgoer outraged at others being asked to empty their water bottles

27 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

STOMPer Dean said concertgoers who paid $165 for a ticket to the Aerosmith gig on Saturday night (May 27) were forced to empty their water bottles.The STOMPer also said that the attitudes of the security personnel during the concert was a dampener on an otherwise awesome concert.The Aerosmith performance was the finale of the two-night Singapore Social Concerts, held in conjunction with the inaugural Social Star Awards at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday (May 23). Said the STOMPer:"I would like to talk about the attitudes of security personnel at the Aerosmith gig on Saturday night (May 27)."It was literally like pouring cold water on an otherwise awesome concert. "They don't allow outside food and drinks, which we understand, because the organisers want to earn from the F&B booths inside."But demanding that ticket holders (my ticket costs $165) empty their water bottles is a bit too much, right?"Water at the venue costs about $5 for Fiji, if I'm not mistaken. "Other concert venues do not make you empty your water bottles, even if no other food and drinks are allowed. This is only at airports."This was hardly an airport, plus the security personnel spoke to us, ticket holders, like we were thugs."What a blemish on this otherwise great night. "I've heard that some other concertgoers, got their umbrellas confiscated?"

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