Ada Choi: Watch but don't touch my hubby

29 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

At a function on Saturday (Apr 26), Ada Choi said that other females can only watch but not touch her husband, and that touching him is her privilege. 

Ada was at the ribbon cutting ceremony for One Treasure Japanese hot pot seafood restaurant where she said, "I want to be fitter then my hubby, when I look at him....... I can't lose to him, I need a strong waistline."

When asked if she was afraid that girls may get too close to him, she replied: "They can look but not touch, only our two daughters and I can touch him. It's our privilege."

Ada, who just came back from filming in Sanya, said: "The whole family went there as it was the holidays, and because my two girls became so tanned, I call them 'chocolates' now."

Ada Choi
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