Actress No Hyun Hee reveals her painful plastic surgery experience

28 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: SoompiKBS 2TV' show “Yeoyu ManMan,‘ featured some of the most shocking celebrity stories of 2012 on Dec 27 -- one of them being actress No Hyun Hee and her painful plastic surgery experience. No Hyun Hee said, “I shouldn’t have started to receive plastic surgery right from the beginning. I still regret it.‘When MC Jo Yeong Goo asked, “Then why did you do it a few more times after the first one?‘The actress replied, “I continued to do it because I wanted to find my original face. I did each of my nose and eyes more than two times. I don’t know why my surgeries didn’t go well. Others do it, and they don’t have problem breathing, and they can also move their lips perfectly well.‘Upon seeing her daughter's face from the past, No Hyun Hee’s mother also expressed her sadness and said, “It’s just so sad that she can’t go back.‘Pictures 1 to 4 show actress No Hyun Hee, while the rest of the gallery show other plastic surgeries of celebs gone wrong.

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