Actress Lisa Chong bruised all over, suspected to have been abused by BF

14 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Come Home Love <愛.回家> actress Lisa Chong (莊思明) and Kelly Chen’s (陳慧琳) younger brother Victor Chen (陳司翰) had a bumpy three-year relationship before splitting up.

Victor allegedly had constant interaction with other women while dating Lisa, yet she continued to see him as a lifelong partner.

Lisa recently sustained large bruises on her arms, legs, and chest area, and was suspected to be the target of physical abuse of her ex-boyfriend.

On August 1, Lisa uploaded a photograph of her bruised leg via Weibo and wrote, “The pain will gradually disappear. I will continue to go on! Lisa, you can do it!”

According to tabloids, Lisa’s costars asked what was wrong, and she later cried and told them that she had been hit. However, afraid that the news would leak and involve Victor, she allegedly told everyone to keep it a secret.

According to Jayne Stars, when reporters telephoned Lisa about the matter, she continued to protect Victor and expressed, “I use myself to guarantee his character! I don’t want any rumors to affect his reputation!”

Lisa’s elder sisterJacquelin Chong (莊思敏) seemed to know the details of the incident but only said, “Of course I know what happened in the family, but I’m not telling!”

On August 9, reporters asked Lisa about the bruises once more. She explained that they were the results of a few accidents. “I get bruises easily, and I accidentally fell when I went out on a yacht trip. Plus, a cameraman bumped into my leg when we were filming an outdoors scene earlier. That’s why the whole area is bruised.”

On August 10, reporters asked Victor to comment on Lisa’s injuries, but he refused to talk about the subject. Throughout the entire time, he only appeared stiff and expressionless.

Lisa Clears Victor’s Name

As rumors that Victor had battered Lisa grew in intensity, Lisa finally issued a public apology to clarify the situation today.

“The false reports troubled my family, friends, and colleagues. Let me apologize to Mr. Victor Chen, as he was harassed after the reports were released! Thanks!”

When asked to comment on the situation, Victor’s sister, Kelly Chen, was cautious in replying, “In a relationship, the two people involved are most clear about it. I don’t know what happened and will not comment. I only found out after reading the news.”

Kelly, who had a good impression of Lisa and believed her explanation of the situation, said she did not plan on asking Victor about it.

“He is in his thirties and knows how to be responsible.”

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