Actress Li Xiaolu's rumoured sex tape: Here's what she has to say about video

16 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

A sex tape was recently leaked online, showing a woman who is widely believed to be the well-known actress Li Xiaolu, who recently gave birth to her daughter.

Her agency, however, has denied that the woman in the video is the actress. They have also further stated that they will take legal action against anyone who spread such rumours, reports

According to a report in Women of China, Li had said, "There is nothing on my conscience."

"I am used to this kind of rumors by now. It is troublesome but I think being a nice person is enough for me. That is also the way I teach my daughter."

Due to the tape and the rumors, Li canceled her appearance at the premier for her new TV drama. However, her husband, Jia Nailiang, also an actor in the drama, showed up at the premier. He said his wife would stay at home for now.

"I am going to shoot a new TV drama, so I won't have much time for my daughter then, so it is kind of like a holiday for me now. My daughter grows so quickly, and I don't want to miss a day," Li smiled.

"We don't fight, and communication works better. My husband is very responsible, and I feel very safe being married to him," Li cleared up rumors of the couple being unhappy at home.

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