Actress Kim Hye Soo admits to plagiarizing her thesis paper

23 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

With star-instructor, Kim Mi Kyung, becoming involved in controversy of plagiarizing her papers, more and more celebrities’ degrees and their papers are being looked into.According to an article in Allkpop, two celebrities who have also come under the suspicion of plagiarizing their thesis papers for their master’s degree are Kim Hye Soo and Kim Mi Hwa.Both received their master’s degree from SungKyunKwan University’s Communications School (in 2001 for Kim Hye Soo and 2011 for Kim Mi Hwa).Kim Hye Soo’s camp stated, “Kim Hye Soo admitted to the plagiarism accusations. During the year when she was writing the thesis paper, it was a busy time period for her. She did not think much into the seriousness of plagiarism.‘This latest controversy has put the actress in a tough spot due to the upcoming premiere of her KBS drama ‘˜God of the Workplace‘˜. But it has been revealed that Kim Hye Soo still plans to attend the press conference for the drama on the 25th.Meanwhile, Kim Mi Hwa has firmly denied the accusations and has revealed that a reporter, who has held ill feelings toward her in the past, purposely misled the reports. She revealed that there were some mistakes in her report like not punctuating in the correct spot, and only listing the Korean name of her professor and forgetting to write in his English name.However, they were just small minor flaws in her thesis, and she insists there was no plagiarism involved. She has also announced her intention to file a lawsuit against the reporter for defamation.

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