Korean actress Go Jun Hee has an extremely weird inferiority complex

25 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Actress Go Jun Hee revealed during a recent interview with Newsen that her inferiority complex is her tall height, which has become a hindrance during her career from time to time.

She said, "Even now, my height is my complex. Even if I wanted to try being in an action film, they said that it's difficult when you're tall. They said that even when doing a simple kick, you would have to try much harder than others.", said AllKpop 

Standing at 5'8 ft. (173cm), the actress revealed that she even had to give up wearing heels at times. The actress said, "For one, I can't wear pretty heels. Pretty heels are usually over 10cm. I do sometimes have to give up on wearing popular styles. After my debut, I usually style my outfit with sneakers. The most disappointing parts were during auditions. There were times I was turned down at auditions because of my height."

She continued, "In the past, I stood up to leave after a successful audition, and they asked, 'Wait, how tall are you?' In that instant, I was taken aback, and I lied saying that I was wearing insoles in my sneakers." Go Jun Hee also revealed that some male actors get uncomfortable and avoid standing next to her because of her height. 

Go Jun Hee
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