Actress Bai Ling's Ice Bucket Challenge leaves nothing to imagination

30 August 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Actress Bai Ling recently took the now-famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the beach of Los Angeles. 

Going braless in a white crop top and bikini bottom, it left nothing to imagination when the ice water drenched the actress.

Here's the description on her Youtube Channel: 

"I am taking the challenge of ALS Ice Bucket from America and China, glad be able to bring awareness to this cause to help those less fortunate. I Nominating Jodie Foster, Richard Gere, and Directer Ang Lee to take the challenge. Thank you! The girl who dump water on me, for some reason, she tortured me, she just so slowly little by litter dumping the ice water on me, it is So cold, and the slower she goes, the cold it is, we all yelling at her, just do it, do it dump the water, but she still just won't do it, I was like…its a cold cold ice water torture, thats is why we have the surprise in the end… so crazy and funny :))))))))"

Some netizens have criticised her act for blatantly selling sex while doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is supposed to be for charity.

The Chinese-born American actress known for her work in films such as The Crow, Red Corner and Wild Wild West, and in TV series such as Entourage and Lost.

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