For actor Kai Ko, girlfriend Elva Hsiao takes the back seat

5 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: My PaperPhoto: AFPSINGAPORE - Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who shot to fame last year in the hit movie You Are The Apple Of My Eye, was in town yesterday to promote his new film, When Wolf Falls In Love With Sheep.The physical-education student will also grace the red carpet at the gala premiere of Chow Yun Fat's The Last Tycoon at ScreenSingapore tonight.Yesterday, Ko, 21, sat down with reporters to talk about his latest movie, career and why his love life (uh oh, Elva Hsiao) doesn't take priority.Wolf didn't do well at the Taiwanese box office reportedly because your high-profile romance with singer Elva Hsiao caused female audiences to lose interest in you.What are your thoughts on this theory?Brad Pitt has many children... People didn't stop supporting him because he got married.I choose to believe this is not the reason (Wolf didn't do well).I would hope that audiences are not so close-minded.You're pretty open when talking to the media about Hsiao.But has your management ever tried to put a gag on you?If I'm banned from doing something, I will vent my feelings on Weibo or Facebook at night.How do you manage your undergraduate studies, showbiz career and love life?I'm able to manage, but my "panda eyes" are getting more serious.As for my love life, I just go with the flow. If there's time (for dates), then there is. If there's no time, then so be it.Your future works will always be compared to your breakout role in Apple.Is this a nightmare?It's not a nightmare.It's a benchmark for me to aim to surpass.Everyone has a best record, but it doesn't mean if you can't surpass it that you are a failure.Are there any other roles or other movie genres you would like to try out besides romantic dramas?Of course I do.I think I'm limited because of my age. Directors tend not to associate me with a broader range of roles.Actually, I'm someone with ability. I look older than my age. So, directors, please do consider me (for more roles).

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