Aaron Kwok allegedly courted mysterious actress and offered her steamy bed scene in new film

1 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Earlier, a 23-year-old student, Ms R claimed that she had dated Aaron for three months.

She also claimed that after finding out that Aaron was also chasing after her good friend, M actress, she broke up with him.

Hong Kong tabloids reported that M actress is suspected to be Michelle Wai, who bears slight resemblance to Aaron's ex-girlfriend Lynn Hung.</p>

According to report, Aaron took on the filming of Philip Yung's new film "Port of Call" and recommended to the director for Michelle to take on a role.

Aaron was said to have even suggested to add in a bed scene with Michelle in the film, reported Asianpopnews.

Michelle has since dismissed the report and said: "I am not the rumoured M actress and I do not know Ms R."

However, Michelle admitted that she was offered a role in "Port of Call".

Asked if she had declined the role because of the bed scene, Michelle said: "There was a sex scene. I do not wish to film such scenes and I was feeling down at that time, so I declined the role."

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