24-year-old Asian astrophysicist is going to have first baby on Mars

1 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Kineda

The Mars One project is to 100 final applicants, and among them is 24-year-old Maggie Lieu.

Mars One is a project to try and establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. It’s a 35 million mile one-way trip, where the group selected must produce their own power, water and breathable air. There are no plans for the travelers to return back to Earth.

Maggie Lieu is an astrophysics PhD candidate at Birmingham University in the UK. She made huge headlines recently when it became known that she not only wanted to travel to Mars, but also become the first women to give birth on the planet.

Maggie wrote in a blog post:

"There is a lack of research on everything from insemination to pregnancy to giving birth in low gravity environment. So the dangers involving such are unknown. What’s more the issue of the ethics of knowingly doing so is debatable.

"Personally I think that raising a child on Mars is no different than that on Earth. In poverty areas of rural Africa, women face huge risks of death during child birth.

"Knowingly so they still give birth to children, that are raised with no access to hygiene, food, water or education. Yes giving birth on Mars could be dangerous but there is no research to say for certain.

"Yes the children of Mars will be in a confined space, however they won’t know any better. What’s more they will be growing up with some of the most intelligent people of Earth, they will be eating healthy foods (grown on mars as opposed to all the junk food we have access to on Earth) and they will have a largely unexplored terrain as their back garden. I couldn’t think of anything better.

"Of course being the mother of the first martian would be a privilege, I would never be so stupid as to race for the title. My priority is the research. The first few years on Mars would not be a good environment for a child.

"There is a lot to be built and set up and the habitat would need expansion. If we were to rely solely on the food resources grown on Mars then the nutrients available probably not be adequate for a child. In my opinion Mars will only become a suitable environment for a child after the colony settles, which would be many years after the first crew land."

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