16-year-old plastic beauty actually looks naturally pretty pre-surgery

17 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

The Chinese plastic beauty making headlines this week is 16-year-old Danae, after netizens criticised her having a mask-like face due to extensive plastic surgery.

But photos of her pre-surgery show a sweet-looking girl who is naturally good-looking.

To add fuel to fire, additional details about her love life surfaced online, which riled netizens further.

According to a Viralcham article, her current boyfriend had reportedly broken up with his ex-girlfriend after scandalous photos of Danae and him in bed were circulated online.

Danae, however, is not deterred by any of the hate comments she is getting online from Hong's fans or from netizens.

Born in May 1999, she also insists that she is 15, and not 16 as media reported.

She wrote on her Weibo:

"To those haters: which 15-year-old can say has someone to send you perfume every day?

"Which 15-year-old has a luxury car to fetch you every day?

"Which 15-year-old has pocket money of 500,000 yuan every month? (about S$109,752)

"If you don't then shut up, you don't have the right to criticise my current life."

See more before and after photos of the plastic beauty in the gallery below.

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