150 fans collapsed during Super Junior concert in Brazil

24 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Approximately 150 fans out of 8,000 fainted from over-excitement and had to receive medical treatment during Super Junior's first concert in Brazil this Sunday.According to an article in J-pop Asia, ten of them collapsed before the show even started.In order to prevent any more people from fainting, Super Junior decided to reduce the amount of interactive parts.“During “Rock Star‘ song, we were repeating the phrase “one more, one more" to make a record for the most repeats. But after seeing people collapse, we had to stop. I felt so upset when security guards were carrying fans out while I was singing,‘ commented Shindong.Doctors who were on stand-by reassured the press that all the fans are in good health and added that it is not normal to have so many people pass out at once. View the gallery for images of Super Junior concerts, as well as other related photos.

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