11-year-old boy is getai stage producer

29 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
By day, Jeral Tan (above) is a Primary 5 pupil at Chongzheng Primary School. But at night, he is a stage producer for getai performances.
He operates more than $50,000 worth of light and sound equipment, setting the mood and synchronising the lights using a laptop and several control panels.
Each show can cost between $5,000 and $30,000 to host.
But Jeral is such a pro that organisers have trusted him to help produce more than 100 getai performances over three years.
Jeral’s father, Mr Melvin Tan, 38, used to occasionally take him to watch getai performances.

Mr Tan said: “At first, I thought he liked the songs and dances, but I later realised that his eyes were fixed on the lights.”

It was only after Mr Tan became an entertainment manager at Lifestage Entertainment Production three years ago that Jeral begin attending getai performances more regularly.

He started learning how to operate lighting and sound equipment from his mentor, Mr Chee Chye Hock, 62.

The owner of EB Mobile Sound and Lighting noticed Jeral, who was then eight years old, at several getai performances.

Mr Chee said in Mandarin: “He was always poking around where we worked, so I taught him how to use the equipment.”

Mr Chee said Jeral was creative and talented right from the start and he eventually left the boy to run the show.

Jeral is not paid, but he is rewarded with food and toys for his work, Mr Chee said.

Madam Toh Xiu Zhen, 65, a technical assistant in Mr Chee’s company, said: “We all love him because he is hardworking and helpful.

“It’s good to have a young person around.”

Read the full report in The New Paper on Wednesday (Aug 28).

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