German football manager caught putting hands in trousers and then sniffing them

17 June 2016 / 4 months 6 days ago

16 June 2016

Germany's national football manager Joachim Low is a legend, having led his country to the holy grail of World Cup glory two years ago.

But at the ongoing European Championships during his team's opening match against Ukraine, Low was caught engaging in some embarrassingly unsanitary behaviour.

Low appeared to shove his hands down the front of his pants to readjust it, before raising it towards his nose to smell it. He then seemed to do the same with his hands down the back of his trousers.


Unfortunately for Low, the entire incident was in full view of television cameras. The footage was posted online and quickly went viral.

As Britain's Daily Mail put it, rival managers at the tournament might now be reluctant to shake his hand after seeing him touch his private parts.

On social media, reactions ranged from disgust to amusement and nonchalance.

One user joked that Germany should be threatened with disqualification if he was caught doing it again, a reference to the Russian and English teams being threatened with disqualification for fan violence after their match.

According to the Associated Press, Low has since apologised for the incident. "You're full of adrenalin and full of concentration and the things that happen then can't be consciously taken as real. From now on I'll try to conduct myself differently," he said.

But this is not the first time Low's anti-social antics has been broadcast to the world.

A short video on Twitter from 2014 appears to show Low picking his nose with his right hand, before immediately extending it to shake the hand of Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Previously, he has also been caught on video sticking his fingers in his nose, and then putting them in his mouth.

See photos of what happened in the gallery below. 

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