'You look like that Marc Jacobs girl': Most cliché opener led S'pore model to her BF

19 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Saturday, Dec 19, 2015

It is a question Singaporean Nadia Rahmat has been asked countless times over the past 10 months by strangers here.

In January, The New Paper reported that the 24-year-old was one of the 11 new faces chosen out of 50,000 hopefuls worldwide for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 ad campaign in February.

Since then, she has been recognised by people on the streets, at music festivals, events and more.

When TNP caught up with Nadia recently, she said: "Sometimes, I would hear people whispering about me on the streets, saying that I am 'that Marc Jacobs girl'.

"If we make eye contact, I would smile at them. Usually I would try to be friendly. I am human, too.

"It has also been a great ice-breaker when I meet friends of friends. The topic allows us to ease into our conversations."

Nadia has the label to thank as it led to her meeting her current boyfriend.

She was at an event at nightlife venue Kilo in May when a guy told her: "You look like that Marc Jacobs girl."

"We started talking and things took off from there," she said, declining to elaborate on her beau or the relationship.

With her signature braids and standout features, Nadia has been told many times that she bears a striking resemblance to British singer-songwriter FKA twigs, who is also the fiancee of British actor Robert Pattinson, star of the hit Twilight movies.

At Laneway Festival here in January, three Caucasian concertgoers approached her to take a photo together, thinking that she was FKA twigs who happened to be performing.

Nadia recounted: "They told me they were big fans of my music and that when they watched me perform, they wanted to pour water over themselves.

"I was confused for a minute before I realised that they had mistaken me for FKA twigs.

"I played along and we took photos together. Throughout the day, people kept stopping me for photos and I felt bad for my friends who had to help us take the pictures."

Despite her high-profile breakout, Nadia said she was subsequently rejected by three local modelling agencies that felt her look was not suitable for them or the local market.

Nadia, who stands at 1.65m and weighs 50kg, said: "I am not very affected or bothered. Being with an agency is good because they can give you more modelling opportunities, but I can find other ways to build my name as well."


An only child of Malay, Arab and Indian descent, Nadia added: "I have always known that I stand out for my style and vibe rather than my looks."

Even though she is not signed to any local agency, she managed to secure several paying modelling jobs after her Marc Jacobs gig.

In September, she did a shoot with local clothing brand Collate The Label, which wanted "real Singapore women" for its campaign.

Last month, Nadia was featured in a four-page editorial spread for Glam Malaysia magazine.

The stylish personality also receives sponsored shoes from Puma that she wears and features on her Instagram account @skinnykatwoman, which has close to 11,000 followers.

She was also approached by British modelling agency Nevs, which currently represents her.

Next year, Nadia, who has a communications degree from SIM University, wants to focus on her full-time job as an event coordinator at Kilo.

"I will see how opportunities develop. I am still thankful for the Marc Jacobs gig. Not many people can say that they have done it," she said.

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