Yang Mi to follow Angelababy and see doctor to prove she didn't have plastic surgery?

19 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Source: JayneStars

Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Dan went to Dongguan to attend a golf charity event. The Come Home Love star shared that he has been taking a break from acting to stay at home with his granddaughter, nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice.” Because the 1-year-old’s parents, Hawick Lau and Yang Mi, are busy working in the Mainland, Lau Dan was left to care for the little girl in the time being. The happy grandfather said Little Sticky Rice is already attending playgroup classes, and she gets very excited whenever she puts on her school uniform.

Plagued with plastic surgery rumors for many years, Angelababy decided to get her face examined by a famous plastic surgeon to prove that she is all natural. Like Angelababy, Hawick and Yang Mi have also faced similar plastic surgery allegations over the years. Asking if the couple would do the same thing as Angelababy, Lau Dan said, “No need to see a doctor. My daughter-in-law’s fans have collected many pictures of her when she was younger, and if you take a closer look, her face hasn’t changed at all. It’s better than finding a doctor to prove it. The fans even have her baby pictures. My daughter-in-law was very cute. She already had a tall nose and large eyes when she was three. They keep saying she got plastic surgery, so are they saying she got plastic surgery at three years old? It’s hilarious.”

Lau Dan praised Yang Mi’s decision of keeping silent about plastic surgery rumors. “My daughter-in-law did the right thing. Who cares about what others say? The fans will help her clarify eventually.”

The veteran actor then said that Angelababy’s attempt at clearing plastic surgery rumors by getting her face professionally examined was an “unnecessary move.” He said, “Tell Angelababy that she didn’t have to make such a move. Just let them say whatever they want.”

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