Xiaxue reflects on how she looked like at 16 as compared to now

16 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Celebrity blogger Xiaxue recently shared a picture collage of herself, comparing her appearance when she was 16 years old to her current looks at the age of 31.

In her post, she reflected on the plastic surgery procedures that she had undergone over the years. These include two eye surgeries and two nose jobs.

Speaking out against critics who were against plastic surgery, she also wrote: "Fact is plastic surgery is a very personal choice and nobody has the right to tell others they should or shouldn't do it to their own body."

She also referred to plastic surgery as an 'upgrade' similar to renovating one's home or changing the paint on one's car.

"Whatever happened to loving yourself just the way you are born? That's so stupid I can't even. Great for you that you find inner peace with your ugliness and all, but not everyone can. And let's see you try to tell someone born with a cleft lip that they cannot fix it," she said.

Read Xiaxue's full post in the gallery below.

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