Xiaxue publicly shames girl for rude comment -- and followers are upset

1 February 2016 / 8 months 4 weeks ago

Followers of Wendy Cheng, or also known as her online persona Xiaxue, are not very happy after the Singaporean blogger publicly shamed a girl who commented on her Instagram.

A user had commented on her Instagram, "Why your face look like a man? Sorry... hehehehe..."

And Xiaxue retaliated.

She shared a Facebook post on Jan 21 saying, " Sometimes I receive comments that make me a bit speechless. (yes those are photos of the person who wrote that comment)"

Attached to the post are multiple photos of the commenter.

Having some 415,000 likes on Facebook, Xiaxue was bound to get some attention, including overseas sites like Malaysian website Coverage, which called her a ' prima donna' and 'an unrefined bully'. 

Facebook users were also not pleased, some have called her immature as a public figure, and that she was cyber-bullying the girl. 

However, others have also hit back, saying that it was a natural response after someone has been insulted. Others said that the girl also cyber-bullied Xiaxue. 

The blogger responded in another Facebook post after the backlash: 

"I will continue to shame haters and assholes who are stupid enough to leave nasty comments with their identities.

"I strongly believe in doing that because people believe that just because they are online they can be as vicious and hurtful as they want to, with no consequences. They keep doing it, because people keep letting them get away with it."

What do you think of Xiaxue's response? Check out netizens' comments in the screenshots below.

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