Wong Cho Lam shares heartbreaking story of father's death

18 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: JayneStars

Breaking into the Mainland Chinese market with great success, Wong Cho Lam shared his turbulent career history with students at a school while promoting Asian Idol Action. Throughout the discussion, Cho Lam would casually flash his wedding band, as if to show the world how happy he is as a married man.

Father’s Death Forced Cho Lam to Grow Up Quickly

While growing up, Cho Lam and his family lived under harsh conditions. As his father contracted a serious illness and was unable to work, his family of four had to depend on government welfare assistance for a living. They also incurred approximately $5000 USD in debts from paying for Mr. Wong’s treatment. When his father eventually passed away, Cho Lam took the responsibility of looking after the family. He studied and worked at the same time, expending twice or thrice as much effort as others his age.

At the beginning of his entertainment career, due to his short stature and plain looks, Cho Lam had limited progress. He was confined to roles such as children’s variety program host, and mascot for promotional activities. However, precisely because of the variety of jobs Cho Lam has experienced, he was able to showcase diverse performance styles onstage and onscreen.

Falling in Love with Leanne Li

Due to his family background and his lackluster career performance at the time, Cho Lam initially had many reservations about confessing his feelings towards Leanne Li (李亚男). When they finally admitted to dating, there were many who disapproved of the relationship. Cho Lam said, “As long as I’m content and show more of my inner beauty, the person I love and whom loves me will always think I’m the most handsome.”

Addressing the rumor that Cho Lam recently bought a multi-million mansion for Leanne and put her name on the title, Cho Lam said placidly, “Everything I have belongs to my wife, no matter what it is. Property prices in Hong Kong are so high…I’ll use them as a target to motivate myself, work harder, and take on more jobs. It is a must to work hard for the sake of establishing my family. You’ll be seeing a lot of me in the future!”

Wants to Be Angelababy’s Bridesmaid

Cho Lam also spoke about the third season of the popular Chinese program Running Man and praised his new team member, Lu Han, “He performed very well!” Cho Lam added that there were however plans to “sabotage” this new team member, which aroused a strong reaction from the crowd.

On the upcoming October wedding between Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, Cho Lam revealed that he was very eager to be Angelababy’s “bridesmaid”.

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