Wong Cho Lam leaves parents-in-law super pissed off after what he did recently

31 October 2015 / 12 months 2 days ago

Artiste Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li are a model couple in the entertainment industry but it turns out that his parents-in-law despised him for acting as a woman in the past. 

A few days ago, they filmed a reality show together and Cho Lam made his parents-in-law angry, reported Asian E-News Portal

Although Cho Lam has apologised, his parents in-law seemed unsatisfied and did not want to listen to his explanation. 

However during the programme recording, they revealed their dissatisfaction towards their son-in-law

Said Leanne Li's father: "He did not appear when my daughter was hospitalised for a week. I felt slightly unhappy and asked Leanne if your health, his work or money was more important." 

As a doting father, he expressed his 'absolute confidence' in Cho Lam: "Fortunately, he is not handsome and not heading towards being an idol."

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