Woman's match on Tinder might be the most horrifying one ever made

14 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Crystal was using Tinder and had a match in November 2014 -- but never expected it to be the most terrifying one ever.

According to Distractify, she swiped right on a guy named Minh Nguyen, who looked like a nice guy.

The two then started messaging, and Minh asked to meet up. She happened to be unavailable at that time, and then never got around to replying after she got busy. 

She forgot all about the match until two months later when she saw a headline with a familiar name and face in it.

On January 15, Nguyen had murdered his ex-wife's new husband. He had also lied about his age by about 10 years. Police also found loaded guns, crossbows and more at his home.

Later reports also uncovered that Nguyen had lied about his job and never worked at Plaxo, the social site that Comcast purchased for $150 million in 2008 he claimed to have co-founded.

Crystal says she still occasionally swipes through Tinder, but very rarely.

She asked to remain anonymous, but wanted to share her story so others would know that you always need to take caution in online dating. Not everything is always as it seems.

Crystal is shaken that she was a single message away from meeting up with someone who was capable of unthinkable acts. She literally dodged a bullet right there.

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