Woman leaves cheating husband -- with epic billboard announcement

12 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

A British woman exposed her cheating husband and left him with a huge billboard message.

One Britton, who has been identified only as Lisa, decided to leave her cheating husband Paul, but instead of raising a fuss about it or simply walking away, she decided to publicly embarrass him as well with the help of a digital billboard.

Lisa chose to leave a humongous shout-out to her husband by using a digital billboard located on Sheffield Parkway, Yorkshire, UK. Her message read that Paul and that the other woman, with whom he’s been cheating on Lisa, deserve each other.

Lisa also stated that by the time her husband gets back home she wouldn’t be there anymore. She wished him a joyful ride to work and signed the entire thing simply as “Lisa”.

The message was displayed on the billboard between 6 AM and 9 AM on the 23rd of this September and was seen by tons of people, reports Things You Didn't Know.

Some of them snapped pictures of the billboard and uploaded it on Twitter, where it immediately went viral and shortly after that started making international headlines.

The British Independent tried to get in touch with Anco Digital – the company, which owns the digital board. They managed to get info regarding the prices Anco Digital charges for advertisements on their billboards.

It’s not clear exactly how much Lisa had to pay for her message to stay on the board for 3 hours, since she didn’t book the deal directly with them, but used another agency.

However, Independent learned that the company usually charges their clients £400 ($600 in USD).

When you come to think of it, it may be too pricey for a message you could have delivered to your cheating husband for free, if you chose other methods, but if you add Paul’s public humiliation to the deal, it’s actually priceless.

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