Why we won't be seeing much of Wang Lee Hom for the next 2 months

27 September 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

Monday, Sep 26, 2016

Looks like we won't be seeing Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wang Lee Hom for a while.

After launching his 'Open Fire' concert film at the Toronoto International Film Festival, the 40-year-old artiste is ready to take a break and put his family first.

Wang announced in February this year that his wife, Li Jinglei, 30, is expecting their second child. 

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Sept 25) Wang said that he will be taking two months of paternity leave when his baby is born. He wrote that it was 'an idea I got from my friend Mark Zuckerberg'. 

'If someone that busy can do it, why can't I?' said Wang, adding, 'having been through it once before guys, my two cents is, it's just an awesome time to bond.' 

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg brought workplace policies to the fore the world over when his decision to take two months of paid paternity leave was made public.

Facebook also offers its US employees up to four months of paid maternity or paternity leave which they can take throughout the year.

Taking Zuckerberg's cue, Wang stated that his employees will also 'have the same two months paid maternity/paternity leave when their turn comes'.

In his post however, Wang did not address when Li is due to give birth.


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