What plastic surgery procedures Goo Hara underwent to achieve her youthful looks

17 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Karen G
Aug 4, 2015

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common these days, yet it is taboo to admit you got some work done.

Most celebrities go to any lengths to deny they’ve had a little nip and tuck, so it’s refreshing and a bit of a welcome when someone famous admits to having had plastic surgery done.

That famous celebrity would be South Korean superstar from the girl group KARA – Goo Hara.

When asked on a talk show if she’s had plastic surgery to enhance her beauty, Goo Hara played coy and said “I never said I didn’t get plastic surgery”.

The singer and actress belongs to the well known Korean pop girl group Kara. She is also credited with portraying Choi Da-hye, the president’s daughter, on City Hunter in 2011.

Let’s first take a walk down memory lane and discuss the Goo Hara plastic surgery by procedure.

We start with a before and after picture of her, where the before is a far cry from her after. (See gallery)

The Goo Hara plastic surgery has been a widely discussed topic on the internet after the star publicly admitted to having had a little nip and tuck done.

What procedures can you spot in the Goo Hara plastic surgery?

Let’s find out together!Did you just go “Whoa!” at your computer screen, because we sure did!

This Goo Hara plastic surgery transformation is a whole other level of amazing.

There are many things to focus on in this picture, but let’s take a look at her eyes.

In both pictures she is wearing heavy eye makeup and yet her eyes in the after picture are clearly larger and wider.

Goo Hara’s eyes went from small to wide and mesmerizing. She even has that sexy cat eye slant going on.

Anyone can get this look if they’re willing to undergo lateral canthoplasty.

A little cut at the corners can make tiny Asian eyes instantly bigger and more alluring.

Here she is on the cover of Elle magazine, and while it’s obvious she’s wearing eye makeup, it’s also obvious her gorgeous eyes are the result of the hands of a skilled surgeon.

She looks so much younger and prettier now! Never doubt the power of the knife! Now we move on to her next procedure.

If you can’t already guess the Goo Hara plastic surgery done here, then let us point it out to you: a rhinoplasty.

It is clear from the pictures that Goo Hara has made the bridge of her nose higher. (see gallery)

The before picture isn’t so well defined, whereas the after picture, we can clearly see the height in her nose.

The tip is less refined and more bulbous than in the after picture.Her bridge is definitely higher and more defined compared to before and everyone knows a higher nasal bridge is a sign of a nose job.

We can also see the fleshy part on the tip of her nose has been reduced with alar reduction, commonly known as nose tip reshaping.

We at PlastyTalk think her new nose looks better and gives her a more elegant look.They say that your teeth can be the deciding factor between being attractive and being ugly.

Even if a person has teeth that are straight, healthy, and symmetrical, the beauty of their smile may be compromised if the gum line is uneven or falls too far below the lip line and Goo Hara herself has admitted that she has got her teeth and mouth fixed.

From the pictures above, we see she has gone from a big gummy smile to more refined, perfect teeth. We vote she probably had Invisalign done or had veneers fixed to fix her uneven teeth because her transformation happened rather quickly. Her gums are less visible now which leads us to believe she’s had laser gum contouring.

As a celebrity who’s always on camera, we can say she’s probably had teeth whitening done as well.

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