What 3-month-old Tessa did that made mummy Jessica C proud

30 June 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Hong Kong supermodel Jessica C and actor Andy On, welcomed their daughter Tessa this March. 

The new parents have resumed work really quickly, and the model has gained her pre-pregnancy figure. Baby Tessa is currently three months old.

Jessica recently posted adorable photos of her baby Tessa on Instagram.

Dressed in a floral onesie and accessorised with a matching pink floral headband, baby Tessa inherited her mother’s round, doll-like eyes.

Jessica wrote: “Lil Miss Tessa is three months old today. She can now roll over from back to tummy, sleeps about six hours a night, smiles and laughs all the time, (especially when she sees Daddy) just started wearing six-month-old clothes and has been on an airplane three times without any trouble!

"So proud of our happy healthy baby! I love herrrr!”

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