Wang Leehom sustains severe throat injury after inhaling 'toxic chemicals' -- leaving him unable to sing

7 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Source: JayneStars
In April, Wang Leehom revealed that his throat was swollen and bleeding due to his accidental inhalation of toxic chemicals. Leehom’s throat injury was reportedly so severe that he was unable to sing for about half a year.
The injury allegedly took place while Leehom was at a tea salon for a meeting, and the owner of the tea salon started fumigating the place without informing Leehom. Inhaling the overpowering pesticide, Leehom’s vocal cords were damaged. It was even reported that Leehom had sought compensation from the owner of the tea salon for having to stop work for half a year.
In response, Leehom’s manager clarified that the episode was merely a minor incident and they did not seek compensation from the shop owner. On why Leehom had not engaged in any music-related activity for the past six months, his manager explained that Leehom aims to become an rounded artiste and would soon be taking part in some television programs, as well as producing a film in Mainland China.
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