Wallace Huo reflects on career: 'I didn't know if I could become actor'

24 February 2016 / 8 months 6 days ago

Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo is at the peak of his career after the success of his fantasy-wuxia drama The Journey of Flower <花千骨> last year.

Despite his recent fame, he has not forgotten the many ups and downs he's experienced in his career as an actor.

According to Chinayes.com via JayneStars, he was disheartened after appearing in his first drama in 2002.

"No one cared if you had acting skills or not, as long as you were good-looking. But I wasn’t that good-looking at the time. I was too tired, and my whole person felt very haggard.”

The rise of idol dramas like Meteor Garden led to a stream of new idol actors who were looked down upon by classically trained thespians.

He said:  "[Their] attitude of negative contempt had a very big impact on me."

"At that time, my heart conceived of a notion, that no matter how many years it took – one, five, ten, or twenty – I would have them admit and believe that I am an actor."

"To tell the truth, at the time, even I didn’t know if I could become an actor."

He also talked about the valuable experiences he has gained from his career difficulties.

"When you’re with a bad cast and crew, or using a bad screenplay, or working with a bad director, you can discipline yourself in every aspect. Afterward, when you get a good opportunity, you will cherish it even more."

He also was nostalgic about the simplicity of the industry before promotional events and media hype took over.

"We wouldn’t compare who had more fans on their Baidu forum or who was known by more people. People didn’t care about those things at the time.

"When we got together, we discussed how to make a scene better. Back then, we were willing to spend time on something that was not noticed at all. It was very happy, very pure.”

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