Wallace Huo attracts huge crowd -- after going shopping with 'bleeding' head

28 May 2016 / 4 months 4 weeks ago

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have become the talk of the town after announcing their relationship.

A few days ago, Wallace applied make-up to look like his head was bleeding for the movie Hide and Seek in China, reports Asian E-news Portal.

During the filming, Wallace was thirsty and went to the supermarket to buy drinks and big group of fans began to take photos of him upon discovering him.

In fact, Wallace loves to shop in supermarkets and netizens take photos of him all the time.

Some netizens showed photos of him dressed in a black top, black hat and jeans in the supermarket.

He was wearing a mask and carrying shopping bags.

Some netizens said: "My eyesight should be alright and man shopping in supermarket looks very handsome.

"Doing everything by himself and what a nice Wallace. Wait a minute, is this wine? Everyone knows you drink too much and you are still drinking?"

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