Vulgar Facebook post comes back to haunt Miss Hong Kong 2016 winner

16 September 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Newly crowned Miss Hong Kong 2016 Crystal Fung‘s (馮盈盈) pure-girl image is being questioned by the media for a Facebook comment she made two years ago.

With her sweet looks and girl-next-door persona, 22-year-old Crystal was a hot favorite to win the crown since the beginning of the competition.

However, as it turns out, young Crystal was quite outspoken and opinionated while she was still in university, reports JayneStars.

In 2014 during the Hong Kong protests, Crystal uploaded an angry Facebook post laced with foul language along with a shared video of an unknown female suspected of being inappropriately touched by a male.

Feeling very upset for the female in the video, Crystal wrote, “If I’m ever sexually harassed in public with witnesses and video proof, I won’t be ‘X’ able to press charges even if I catch the guy!”

Although some netizens praised Crystal for having a straightforward personality and for voicing her concern for the victim, some called her out on her disgrace.

During a press conference after taking home the crown, Crystal admitted to having posted the message with those exact words.

Crystal expressed, “I don’t deny that it was posted on my personal Facebook.

"At that time, this probably happened because I was so young — I just entered university and it was a hot topic during that time.

"About those shared posts though – they were on my personal page and I only shared this with close friends and family.

"It was a hot topic and I know it was a little over the top, but that’s not how I normally talk.

"It was posted on these social media platforms as a source of releasing frustration – I actually forgot about this already!”

Before her competition, Cyrstal took the liberty to delete most if not all of her photos with her boyfriend, Martin.

However, it seems as though Martin never received the hint and many fans found pictures of the couple on his Facebook page.

Besides fans’ eager interest in Crystal’s love life, netizens did a little more digging and found out that Crystal’s boyfriend was a 10-A scholar who is currently a doctor at the Queen Mary Hospital.

Responding to comments that she has a very intelligent boyfriend, Crystal laughed, “I did my DSE and I definitely didn’t have 10 A’s. Sometimes in front of him, I feel like I’m lacking a bit of IQ.”

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