Vivian Hsu shocks fans with photo of her bleeding profusely

6 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

40-year-old Vivian Hsu is not having an easy pregnancy and she is also being confined to her bed.

This afternoon, Vivian shocked her fans when she posted a photo of her bleeding on her Facebook, reports Asian Pop News.

She said, “After taking my jab, I forgot to press down the wound, After an hour, the blood passed through two pants and stained the towel outside! Blood, you really go through the trouble.”

Since her pregnancy, Vivian has had 200 injections, and has to eat 13 pills everyday. However, Vivian has been facing her tough pregnancy positively and has never thought of giving up.

A netizen asked Vivian on her Facebook, “When are you giving birth?”

Vivian replied, “Anytime…. Nervous! ”

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