Vin Diesel's response to haters about his weight gain shows he's classy

10 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

After an image of Vin Diesel on vacation was published online, many articles expressed shock at his weight gain. 

Many entertainment sites bombarded the 48-year-old with body shaming headlines like "You won't believe how fat Vin Diesel looks now".

Instead of dwelling on the haters, however, here's how the Fast and Furious star responded with class:


Instead of focusing on the haters calling him names and picking on his weight, Vin instead gave his public attention to an article expressing dismay about body shaming he was experiencing.

He might seen like a 'tough guy', he decided to turn the other cheek and not let them get him down.

Many fans have also sided him, saying that he is simply taking a well-deserved break and does not have to train all the time.

See more pictures of his weight gain in the gallery below:

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