Viann Zhang intimate with 3 men at club? Actress clarifies what really happened

14 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Chinese actress Viann Zhang recently got embroiled in controversy after a video of her allegedly behaving intimately with three men went viral. 

In the video clip, she was suspected to have hugged the men and her breasts were allegedly being touched.

She also gave a kiss on the cheek of the producer of Song of Phoenix, and reportedly locked lips with a woman.

After the video surfaced, Viann issued a statement on her Weibo account and apologised.

She also took the opportunity to clarify her behaviour, reports Asianpopnews.

She pointed out that it was a crew member’s birthday that day, and that there were more than 10 people at the gathering.

Although they were playing, there was no kissing or inappropriate touching.

“One of them was my close friend. He leaned over and said something to me, and it became a kiss. The only one who initiated to hug me was our sister planner.

"She tried to tickle me and I dodged it. That part was being reported that my boobs were attacked by a man.

"Regarding Mr Liang, we were playing game at that time. When I lost the game, I had to do a cheek to cheek gesture. From a certain angle, it looked like I kissed him.”

She also said, “In this incident, I did not do well. As a public figure, I should pay more attention. I am wrong and I am so sorry.”

Although friends have advised her to remain silent, she felt that she needed to come out and bear the consequences.

“I am not trying to shirk any responsibility. I only want to warn myself through this post. ‘Viann Zhang, you are a public figure. In this media age, your words and actions are likely to be amplified and circulated quickly, causing a negative influence. You have to be self­-disciplined.’ Once again, I am sorry!”

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