Vanness Wu holds on to marriage with S'porean wife Arissa Cheo because of his faith

13 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Vanness Wu and his wife Arissa Cheo have often taken to Instagram and aired their displeasure against one another openly.

Although Vanness’ marriage is suspected to be on the rocks, he has never responded on his marriage to the media. According to Taiwanese media, the reason why Vanness is still holding on to his marriage is because of his faith.

Vanness and Arissa had an on-off relationship in their 7 years of dating. The couple finally got married in 2013 in Los Angeles. Tabloids claimed that Arissa was unhappy that Vanness often had to travel for work, and she was also not willing to travel with him.

Hence, Arissa was said to often go out partying with her friends, and disregarded Vanness’ feelings.

An insider said that although Vanness and Arissa often quarrelled, Vanness was reluctant to end his marriage because of his religion. When Vanness was baptised as a Christian, he was reminded by his pastor to “work hard to mend his marriage”.

Vanness also feels that marriage was bestowed by god, and unless his spouse has gone astray, he would try his best to salvage his marriage.

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