Uproar in Hangzhou after clothing models strip on the streets to change outfits quickly

8 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

With hundreds of outfits to try on, clothing models in Hangzhou decided to save a little time and just strip down right on the street on Friday, exciting a bit of outrage from locals.

The models work for an online clothing shop and had some 200 different outfits of new autumn and winter wear to get through in just one session, reports Shanghaiist.

Rather than modestly go inside between costumes, they simply changed clothes on the sidewalk, stripping down to their (not very revealing) undies, sometimes shielded by a coat for decency's sake. Gasp!

Most passers-by applauded the women's hard-work and tenacity. Still, some couldn't help but feel put off by the public indecency of it all. "After all, it's a public place, even if they use a curtain," one local reasoned.

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