Unbelievable how HK actress Selena Li loves Chen Tianwen's 'Unbelievable'

2 September 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Tracy Low
The New Paper
Sep 1, 2016

Hong Kong TVB actress Selena Li couldn't help but laugh out loud at last year's viral hit Unbelievable, by her Spouse For House 2 co-star, local actor Chen Tianwen.

The song and its accompanying retro music video, featuring Chen in character as Ah Beng Eric Kwek, became a hit after it was used as promotional material for the Channel 5 comedy series, in which Li and local actor Alaric Tay play the lead couple.

The song even spawned a big screen spin-off - musical comedy Mr Unbelievable, which starred Chen. It opened here last December.

Toronto-raised Li, 35, told The New Paper in fluent English: "I'm really happy for director Ong Kuo Sin (Spouse For House, the Unbelievable MV and Mr Unbelievable)...

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"The song is very catchy, corny and funny. I think people just want a good laugh these days and sometimes we just want to watch something silly.

"When I watched the Unbelievable MV, I was laughing the whole time and thinking, 'How did anyone think of something like this? It's so corny!'"

Li was in town on Tuesday to promote her new TVB crime drama Presumed Accidents and StarHub's TVB Awards, which will be held here next month.

NEW ROLE: TVB actress Selena Li in a scene from new crime drama Presumed Accidents with Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng (above). PHOTO: TVB

She has not had the chance to watch Mr Unbelievable, but said she will try and get a copy of it from Ong, whom she still keeps in touch with even though filming for Spouse For House 2 ended early last year.

Li did not get to interact much with Chen during filming, but she hopes to work with him in the near future.

She said: "I think he is a really good actor... I heard he was nominated for (Best Supporting Actor) at the Golden Horse Awards (in 2013).

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She added that the cast and crew of Spouse For House 2 were happy with Chen's return to the second season of the series as he has good chemistry with Ong.


Li, who is single, said she would "definitely be very interested" in doing another season of Spouse For House or any other local TV show.

She said: "Staying here is a big bonus for me and besides, the working hours here are good.

"Even when I'm not filming here, I would still come to Singapore for leisure."

Li is nominated for My Favourite TVB Female TV Character and My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress for Presumed Accidents at the StarHub TVB Awards.

The series, which also stars Lawrence Ng and Sisley Choi, is about insurance investigation and fraud, with a side plot about past life regression. It premieres on Sept 5 at 8pm on VV Drama (StarHub TV Ch 855).

Even though Li plays three characters from three different eras, her role in Presumed Accidents was not as challenging as her twin roles in the 2014 TVB period drama Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain.

She said: "I had to (portray) two different characters (in one scene) - a village girl and a courtesan.

"They had many dramatic and emotional scenes together, they fight and cry, it was mentally challenging to do those scenes (with myself).

"This is unlike Presumed Accidents, where the scenes for my three characters are all separate.

"I always joke with people and say that last time, I did two roles in one drama and this time, I did three roles, so next time I can do a drama all by myself."

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