Is TVB going to lose another big star? Tavia Yeung's contract ending

14 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

Will TVB lose another one of their biggest stars? Tavia Yeung’s management contract with TVB will be expiring in four months. 

According to Jaynestars, the 36-year-old actress, who graduated from TVB’s 13th artist training course in 1999, has not formally said anything about contract negotiations, but a source says Tavia has her eyes on the Mainland Chinese market, and that her new contract may value several million dollars.

Despite the impressive resume, Tavia has failed to achieve new representative works after her trailblazing success in 2012.

Other former TVB stars Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, and even Fala Chen, have all left the company, leaving Tavia to be one of the few big names left of her generation.

With her contract expiring in four months, fans and media alike are wondering if Tavia will follow the footsteps of her peers, or remain in TVB like Linda Chung, who said she still has “several years left” when she was prompted with the contract question back in 2014.

Sources say that Tavia was approached by several mainland agencies, offering her expensive contracts. The source, reported by Eastweek, said the price of her contract negotiations is quite high, in the millions. Tavia’s large contract is stemmed from the success of her performance in the 2011 Mainland Chinese drama The Emperor’s Harem. 

Although The Emperor’s Harem was met with mixed reviews, the series did contribute to Tavia’s popularity in China. Tavia may use this opportunity to lure TVB into giving her better clauses for her contract, if she does decide to renew her relationship with her “mother station.”

Fans were worried for Tavia’s future in TVB when it was announced that her latest, and probably her last, TVB drama The Last Healer in Forbidden City would not be airing on primetime television.

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