TV fashion gurus want Constance Song's abs: "Are you kidding me?"

24 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Brandon Raeburn
The New Paper
Saturday, Aug 22, 2015

If there's one thing that fashion gurus Jeannie Mai and Sazzy Falak think will complete their look, it's abs — more specifically, Singapore actress Constance Song's abs.

The 40-year-old beauty's revealing Star Awards 2012 outfit caught Mai and Falak's attention as they dissected the wardrobe choices of local celebrities during an interview with M.

The two were in Singapore to promote their upcoming show How Do I Look? Asia — which as you might guess is the Asian version of the hit US makeover series.

During the interview at The St Regis Singapore, M presented a selection of fashion "moments" local celebrities.

Falak, 34,  is the owner, curator and designer of label, Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak,

Mai hosted the twice-Emmy nominated US version between 2009 and 2012, and is also a correspondent for other shows such as the hit show, Fashion Star.

While Mai praised Song's confidence, but could not hide her envy.

"Are you kidding me? I wish I had a stomach like that. That lower part of my stomach, I can never expose because I have what we call a FUPA (Fat Upper Pelvic Region is the more polite version of the acronym) in the US," said the 36-year-old.

Falak, felt the same way. She rued that her midriff-baring days were over.

"I am very jealous of anyone who can show off their tummy because after giving birth, I cannot do that anymore," said the mother of two.

Song's head-turning dress wasn't the only outfit that Mai and Falak found fascinating. Christopher Lee's Johnny Depp/Psy inspired look had them gushing.

To Mai, Lee's outfit was "delicious", though she was critical of Fann Wong's outfit.

Watch how Mai and Falak reacted to Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh as well as other local celebrities' wardrobe choices in this video.

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