Transgender teen documents 3 year journey to becoming a man in these jaw-dropping photos

9 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Jamie Raines was born a woman but he always felt like he was a male -- and identifies as a man.

Raines then underwent hormone replacement therapy to make the transition and she took a selfie every single day for 3 years to show her progress along the way, reports AcidCow.

Three years ago, at the age of 18, Raines received his first testosterone gel and slowly he started noticing some changes in his appearance.

His face got longer and facial hair started to appear.

“4 years old was when I had my earliest memory of knowing I was male.I realized I was different from the other boys but I was desperate to fit in with them," he said.

“Then I hit puberty and that’s not a fun time… I felt a lot more pressure to fit in with girls” is face eventually started getting longer. I started experimenting and I just knew it was right for me… it felt right," he added.

Jamie who has the full support of his girlfriend advised those considering a sex change to have patience.

“I’d always felt male… being able to live as a male was just a great feeling," he said.

Browse through the gallery to see the transformation or watch a video of it here.

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